How to buy bonds with the Expanse Bond System


  • There is a known issue for Mac users preventing them from creating accounts, the dev team is creating a patch to remedy this issue.
  • Throughout the process, it may be necessary to close the dApp and reopen in order to get the balances to display.
  • Versions 1.0.1, 1.1.0, and 1.1.1 released.


On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Expanse released the second iteration of its bond system (1.0.0 EBS Version 1.0). This much improved version is smooth and simple to use. Use this guide to convert your EXP into EBS tokens. If you need to purchase EXP, start first with this guide:

After purchasing EXP, you’ll need to send the amount you’d like to lock in bonds (plus a few extra EXP for “gas”) to the Expanse Bond dApp, so for example, if you’d like to send 200 EXP to buy 1 bond with a multiplier of 2, send 201 EXP to cover the bond and the gas .


To get started, download and install the EBS Bond dApp from this link:

Once installed, click “Manage Accounts” on the left column.

(Note: You may need to let the dApp sync which could take several minutes, the red box error is often due to the node not being completely synced)

If you don’t have an existing account, either previously created in the Expanse Wallet or in the previous version of the Expanse Bond System, you will need to click “Create an Account” to get a wallet address in order to send your EXP to.

After an account has either been created or found, Click “Deposit to EBS”

Enter the amount you would like to lock away in bonds and click “Deposit to EBS”

After reviewing your deposit, if accurate, confirm your deposit by clicking “Yes”

Next, enter your account (wallet) password

Look for status messages indicating your deposit has been submitted

You’ll see an “Account History” area appear beneath “Accounts” on the “Manage Accounts” tab with the status of your deposit.

Once it processes, the “pending” status will disappear.

You’ll also notice a message showing the deposit has completed

Now you can create a new bond by clicking “Create Bond”

Enter your multiplier to reflect how much EXP you’ll be locking up (example: change multiplier to 50 in order to purchase 5,000 EXP worth of bonds) then click “Create Bond”

Voilà! You’ve just purchased bonds using the Expanse Bond System.

Note: this guide will be updated as the bond dApp receives updates. If you have any suggestions to improve it and help others, please email: timothy /at/

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Cryptocurrency Trader vs. Investor

The cryptocurrency market has exploded over the past few years. This growth has brought in many new traders looking to make a quick profit. The temptation of jumping onto an unknown or dormant coin can be very enticing to those who are new to the game.

Investors on the other hand research projects to identify the teams and technology they find either undervalued or underexposed. The chart below shows some of the most popular coins mentioned in the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club and their corresponding market caps from late 2015 and current. Many simply do not realize the rate of growth because of poor timing in either jumping in or out of a coin. Developing a sound investment strategy is key to realizing gains demonstrated below.


Expanse has come up with even more of an incentive to hold your investment. Aside from realizing an increase in value as the project grows, the EBS (Expanse Bond System) pays you 12% annually when you convert your EXP to EBS tokens. This is the first smart contract of its kind. For more information on Expanse, join the Slack group or read their white paper.

Happy investing.

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Bitcoin Dominance Diminishing

The Bitcoin Dominance has dropped to a new low since my involvement in cryptocurrencies. Today it has reached 69.1%.

Ethereum (ETH) is up 18%, Dash up 5%, Ripple is up 34% and Monero is up 5%.

Speculators suggest that with the ongoing dispute regarding the Bitcoin blocksize, the price of Bitcoin will continue to slide.

Other notable mentions include: Expanse (EXP) at $0.40, PIVX at $0.62 and Nexus (NXS) at $0.25.

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Introducing: PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction)

PIVX has been on a roll lately surging to a 3,729% increase over the prior 12 months, currently at around $0.38. Volume on Bittrex has exceeded 1716btc in the past 24 hour period.

So, what is PIVX?

A transactional security and privacy-focused decentralized open source cryptocurrency.

When was PIVX launched?

February 1st, 2016
(under the name of Darknet (DNET))

PIVX is designed, engineered, and evolving with the best practices and developments to ensure your transactional security and privacy.  Many see it as a cheaper alternative to DASH. Have a look at the comparison:

PIVX is currently offered on Bittrex, Cryptopia, Yobit and Empoex. Many are speculating that Poloniex will be adding as well which could be contributing to the recent rise.


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“Best in Blockchain Startups” Conference Scheduled for 2018

Expanse founders James Clayton and Christopher Franko along with partners are launching a conference specifically for Blockchain startups called the “Best in Blockchain Startups 2018” which will take place in Austin Texas in 2018. The conference will focus on technology brought forth by startups that may not receive recognition due to their size.

“We are in negotiations with some potential Blockchain partners for this, this will be Blockchain only, no Fintech. The first 10 official Blockchain Partners will have an equal say on how this conference will happen, like a roundtable, with these general guidelines to start out.” – James Clayton, Co-founder, Expanse

Clayton has gone on to say:


  • The Best in Blockchain Startups will happen in 2018.
  • Teams and projects must be active for at least one year.
  • Blockchain only, no Fintech.
  • The conference will happen in the USA. (This is where some of the original potential partners are located)
  • The original 10 (max) Blockchain projects will do the groundwork, planning, design, and be featured prominently and equally at the conference.
  • The Best in Blockchain Partners can list each other as Partners if they wish, if they are unwilling to do that, then they should not ask to be a part of this.
  • This will be entirely nonprofit, nobody will make any money directly from sponsors, speaking fees, anything like that. Although Sponsors can help pay for the venue.
  • Blockchain Companies and Blockchain Exchanges will be welcomed to attend.
  • Tickets will be low priced, we want as many people showing up as possible.
  • Tickets will be Blockchain-based, of course. Working tech only is the theme here.
  • This will be about grassroots communities and decentralized concepts and self-governance.
  • The key focus will be a fun exciting event, with live streams, massive media coverage, professional photographers. Working technology rather than promises.


A few exciting names have already been confirmed but not yet released and also The Crypto Show has been confirmed as a participant. For more information visit: Best in Blockchain Startups 2018

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Determine your strategy

Are you planning to hold long term or are you just in for a quick profit? Look at price charts over the previous year and get an idea of your ideal entry point. Take a look at other coins, including Bitcoin, and compare the overall charts. Are they trending up or down in unison? This could suggest overall market moves.

Don’t get emotional

Falling in love with a coin can be a bad move. Emotions can trigger poorly executed buys and sells. Make your decisions based on your own research and not hype. Forums and chat boxes can be full of hype.

Research the team

Crypto is a relatively small world where everyone kind of knows everyone. Do the founders have a good reputation? Who are the advisors? With many new coins being created to simply profit from an ico (initial coin offering) and coins that aren’t very innovative, investing more in the team than the technology can be a sound strategy.

Research the technology

What problems can the cryptocurrency solve? How many developers are working on the project? What apps (or dapps) exist or are being created? Is there a whitepaper and roadmap? These are all very important considerations when comparing cryptocurrencies.

Is a hardware wallet available for the currency?

Very few coins are supported by hardware wallets. The ones that are have a clear separation from the rest. With security being more and more important, having a place to store your investment off an exchange and away from an online wallet is becoming a necessity.

Don’t chase spikes

If you’ve been invested in a coin that has been flat or downtrending, it’s tempting to jump ship and chase one that’s moving. Be very careful, coins that spike up quickly often spike down quickly. Do your research to determine why the coin is moving. Get involved in Slack channels and The Cryptocurrency Collectors Club on Facebook to get insights before coins move. This will help you become a knowledgeable investor instead of an emotional gambler.

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The Need for a Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrencies

Over the past few months, numerous stories have been published on the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club Facebook group suggesting a real need for hardware wallets to secure cryptocurrencies. The danger of leaving coins on exchanges or even online wallets is growing. Mobile phones are being stolen and 2fa authentication is proving not be strong enough security. Currently, the hardware wallets that are in existence offer a relatively small amount of supported cryptos. Rally your crypto community and contact the manufacturers and ask them to support the currencies you’re invested in.

Keepkey – secures: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Namecoin.

Ledger Wallet – secures: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and Stratis.

Onebit – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digix and ERC20 tokens.

Trezor – secures: Bitcoin. currently lists 666 currencies. They are as follows:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, NEM, Zcash, Factom, ShadowCash, Waves, Dogecoin, Decred, Lisk, Steem, Peercoin, GameCredits, Stellar Lumens, Emercoin, Namecoin, Melon, BitShares, Siacoin, BitConnect, Nxt, Bytecoin, Komodo, Bitcrystals, Stratis, Counterparty, ZCoin, Nexus, PIVX, I/O Coin, Byteball, AntShares, Gulden, SysCoin, Rubycoin, BitcoinDark, Novacoin, YbCoin, Nexium, BlackCoin, NAV Coin, PotCoin, Creditbit, SolarCoin, E-Dinar Coin, Aeon, CloakCoin, Boolberry, GridCoin, Omni, VPNCoin, BitBay, SIBCoin, ION, LoMoCoin, Expanse, DigiByte, MonaCoin, Veros, Ubiq, Clams, Radium, Burst, BelaCoin, ZClassic, DubaiCoin, Vertcoin, LBRY Credits, Auroracoin, CureCoin, FairCoin, NautilusCoin, Global Curren…, Golos, Pascal Coin, Feathercoin, Steem Dollars, Primecoin, Viacoin, EarthCoin, HEAT, Adzcoin, VeriCoin, ReddCoin, Shift, Silk, DigitalNote, vTorrent, Qora, NeosCoin, Hacker Gold, Blocknet, FlorinCoin, Bitmark, Visio, Vcash, FedoraCoin, DNotes, Breakout Stake, WorldCoin, GoldCoin, HiCoin, OKCash, SpreadCoin, Wild Beast Block, MonetaryUnit, Megacoin, HunterCoin, Crown, Diamond, Breakout, Circuits of V…, ArcticCoin, Centurion, HempCoin, Energycoin, BoostCoin, TrumpCoin, Spectrecoin, NuShares, Riecoin, Joincoin, ZcCoin, Verge, Infinitecoin, Myriad, AsiaCoin, Einsteinium, ReeCoin, Quark, PutinCoin, Unobtanium, Bitcoin Plus, Zeitcoin, BitSend, Zetacoin, Groestlcoin, PinkCoin, Jewels, NobleCoin, AudioCoin, Applecoin, CannabisCoin, Electronic Gu…, Voxels, Horizon, Digitalcoin, BilShares, FuelCoin, Rise, CasinoCoin, PRCoin, Magi, Veltor, Swing, MazaCoin, CageCoin, UnionCoin, Startcoin, EuropeCoin, PostCoin, Bitswift, Orbitcoin, SecureCoin, TagCoin, Cryptonite, Syndicate, Artex Coin, PureVidz, I0Coin, Bitstar, EvergreenCoin, ArtByte, Dashcoin, Quatloo, 2GIVE, TeslaCoin, Blitzcash, SwagBucks, Pesobit, MaxCoin, Coin2.1, Pesetacoin, Canada eCoin, Vault Coin, NuBits, Rimbit, Qibuck, WhiteCoin, Capricoin, Mediterranean…, Rubies, Coin(O), Kobocoin, VeriumReserve, Cannacoin, Wexcoin, Ixcoin, GoldBlocks, Tickets, Sphere, GeoCoin, RussiaCoin, DopeCoin, Moin, KushCoin, Terracoin, MojoCoin, PoSW Coin, BitBean, Bytecent, HempCoin, PipCoin, Deutsche eMark, Crypto Bullion, TrustPlus, GlobalCoin, SmileyCoin, Bata, CorgiCoin, Sexcoin, Truckcoin, Pakcoin, TransferCoin, Karbowanec, BritCoin, BERNcash, E-Currency Coin, Atomic Coin, Dotcoin, Eryllium, LevoPlus, Bottlecaps, Sativacoin, ParkByte, BillaryCoin, GoldPieces, SmartCoin, Cannabis Indu…, NetCoin, AurumCoin, TrollPlay, Abncoin, NevaCoin, Sterlingcoin, Hyper, FujiCoin, Digital Rupees, CrevaCoin, UnbreakableCoin, AmsterdamCoin, Titcoin, Unitus, ExclusiveCoin, Memetic, GAIA, CryptoWorldX …, Luna Coin, Machinecoin, Influxcoin, Marijuanacoin, KiloCoin, GlobalBoost-Y, Yacoin, Evotion, GPU Coin, Blakecoin, Gapcoin, BipCoin, YashCoin, BitBar, PLNcoin, 8Bit, Prime-XI, HoboNickels, Tattoocoin, 42-coin, AquariusCoin, BeaverCoin, PIECoin, Independent M…, CryptoCarbon, Kurrent, AntiBitcoin, GameBet Coin, ParallelCoin, Acoin, Bikercoin, Crypto, Xenixcoin, Eurocoin, OctoCoin, Grantcoin, AnarchistsPrime, 808Coin, Beatcoin, Solarflarecoin, Cabbage, Francs, Triangles, RonPaulCoin, PayCon, Freicoin, B3Coin, MustangCoin, Impeachcoin, LiteBar, Elysium, GeertCoin, Enigma, Dollar Online, Cashout, Mintcoin, MUSE, Gambit, SaluS, RaiBlocks, Pandacoin, LuckChain, HTMLCOIN, Colossuscoin V2, VootCoin, Synergy, Mineum, Woodcoin, Tao, Stealthcoin, Shorty, Virtacoin, HitCoin, Elcoin, AmberCoin, Fantomcoin, KoreCoin, Mooncoin, Flycoin, BTCtalkcoin, NoLimitCoin, IncaKoin, Espers, UFO Coin, Xiaomicoin, Bitz, Stress, MetalCoin, Zayedcoin, Piggycoin, Magnum, BigUp, Trollcoin, ARCHcoin, Cryptojacks, 1337, TEKcoin, WayGuide, BlueCoin, CAPTcoin, SproutsExtreme, LottoCoin, Anoncoin, PayCoin, Sling, Jin Coin, TittieCoin, Universal Cur…, Nyancoin, LiteDoge, Hexx, Renos, QuazarCoin, SatoshiMadness, The Cypherfunks, Sprouts, InsaneCoin, HOdlcoin, RedCoin, Debitcoin, Krypton, MarteXcoin, BiosCrypto, ChessCoin, GCoin, ICOBID, Uro, PlatinumBAR, SpaceCoin, Fastcoin, Granite, FlutterCoin, Dollarcoin, DigiCube, Ratecoin, CryptoEscudo, PetroDollar, Joulecoin, ARbit, RevolverCoin, FlavorCoin, Cypher, SongCoin, Iconic, Neutron, Prototanium, BunnyCoin, Firecoin, X-Coin, VapersCoin, Elementrem, Orlycoin, BitTokens, SecretCoin, Ride My Car, AllSafe, CoExistCoin, Bolivarcoin, SoonCoin, Zurcoin, LanaCoin, Argentum, Bitcloud, Eternity, BumbaCoin, Unrealcoin, Evil Coin, Tigercoin, BlazeCoin, SixEleven, UCoin, ZiftrCOIN, Philosopher S…, WMCoin, Emerald Crypto, Bitzeny, Guncoin, Chronos, PX, VIP Tokens, DAPPSTER, LeaCoin, Steps, Creatio, G3N, Spots, iCash, Alexium, JobsCoin, Destiny, OsmiumCoin, MindCoin, Shilling, HyperStake, WARP, Future Digita…, HamRadioCoin, EGO, C-Bit, Bitcoin 21, LetItRide, NewYorkCoin, Aricoin, Zonecoin, Comet, PosEx, Franko, Dreamcoin, BowsCoin, PopularCoin, TAGRcoin, DigitalPrice, Rawcoin, High Voltage, BitQuark, Litecred, Metal Music Coin, IslaCoin, DPAY, FuzzBalls, Revenu, Pulse, UniCoin, Xonecoin, Antilitecoin, Money, PonziCoin, Printerium, Cashcoin, Blackstar, TajCoin, iBank, ImpulseCoin, Dobbscoin, Argus, Regacoin, Guarany, Photon, 1CRedit, ChainCoin, SydPak, Selfiecoin, Levocoin, Californium, UniQredit, BenjiRolls, Save and Gain, Zoin, Kittehcoin, Powercoin, NodeCoin, SwapToken, P7Coin, Zcashshare, Doubloon, CRTCoin, PizzaCoin, Digital Credits, CaliphCoin, World Gold Coin, 23 Skidoo, Fargocoin, Zilbercoin, Internet of P…, Forevercoin, Pioneershares, FirstCoin, LEOcoin, DynamicCoin, TechShares, ClubCoin, Master Swiscoin, Decent, Pabyosi Coin …, WA Space, AlpaCoin, Index Coin, Omicron, Wings (Pre-La…, AxFunds, Zdash, Bitgem, InvisibleCoin, Asiadigicoin, Avoncoin, BigLifeCoin, True Investme…, EDRCoin, Golos Gold, Mind Gene, KashhCoin, VirtualCoin, GBCGoldCoin, International…, DeepWebCash, DeltaCredits, LandCoin, Timekoin, LeCoin, RoyalCoin 2, Elacoin, Virtacoinplus, Opal, KolschCoin, GAYcoin, RoyalCoin, GameUnits, Lepaoquan, Swiscoin, TeraCoin, Advanced Inte…, Neptune Classic, Sharkcoin, EggCoin, UR, ShellPay, Xaucoin, Digitalfund, Psilocybin, Clinton, EuroBitCoin, BagCoin, AvatarCoin, Alphabet Coin…, Happy Creator…, T-coin, netBit, First Bitcoin, OCOW, UltraCoin, GoldReserve, GameLeagueCoin, TrickyCoin, Bitcoin Scrypt, Yescoin, Global Busine…, RichCoin, MMXVI, FrankyWillCoin, SportsCoin, CHNCoin, RubleBit, Motocoin, Lazaruscoin, Dubstep, Digital Bulli…, BitAlphaCoin, Braincoin, Opescoin, MarxCoin, Quebecoin, BitcoinFast, GoldMaxCoin, TodayCoin, CBD Crystals, Bitcurrency, UGAIN, WeAreSatoshi, Bitcedi, DarkLisk, Operand, TaoPay, PrismChain, Sakuracoin, Cycling Coin, LAthaan, LePen, FedoraShare, Moneta, AsicCoin, TheCreed, Peacecoin, PinkDog, UNCoin, TeamUp, MobileCash, LinkedCoin, Wowcoin, VegasCoin, FitCoin, X2, PayPeer, CyberCoin, Skeincoin, Cashme, MoneyCoin, Victoriouscoin, PokeCoin, PabyosiCoin, SoulCoin, Valorbit, Tellurion, SuperTurboStake, Zcrypt, Aces, Flaxscript, FireFlyCoin, InflationCoin, Safe Trade Coin, Rcoin, Neptunecoin, ChoofCoin, Dimecoin, Paccoin.

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1 Week Later: The SEC Denial for Bitcoin ETF Reaction

After a price spike-up just before the SEC’s decision was announced from around $1250 to around $1350 and a subsequent drop to south of $1100, Bitcoin has recovered and remained somewhat stable. It is currently trading at $1229.

The alts however have been surging. Ethereum (ETH) is up 136% to $40.57, Dash (DASH) is up 76% to $86.33 and Monero (XMR) is up 67% $21.16.

Keep an eye on Expanse (EXP). It’s up 38% to $0.33. After adding 4 new developers to the team to assist with development, beginning with helping to complet the DAO, a sharp rise is expected over the coming months.

Also note that the Bitcoin dominance is down to 75.6.

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Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies of 2017

We asked the 9,000+ member Cryptocurrency Collectors Club which cryptocurrencies were the most undervalued. Below are the results. To read the full discussion join the private group on Facebook.

We’ll update the price and marketcap each month to track the results so join the mailing list to stay informed.

Ripple XRP 0.007714 $284,297,507
Litecoin LTC 4.02 $199,593,426
Monero XRM 12.65 $175,927,622
Dash DASH 17.04 $120,753,686
Iconomi ICN 0.485193 $42,211,791
Steem STEEM 0.156249 $36,303,991
Doge DOGE 0.00021 $22,646,315
Game GAME 0.273376 $16,548,174
Bitshares BTS 0.004036 $10,419,503
Sia Coin SC 0.00041 $9,452,904
Stratis STRAT 0.09475 $9,310,272
NXT NXT 0.008801 $8,791,849
I/O Coin IOC 0.375018 $6,117,042
Nexus NXS 0.115955 $5,414,717
Bitbay BAY 0.001883 $1,896,889
Expanse EXP 0.32 $1,684,806
Burst BURST 0.000831 $1,412,423
OKCash OK 0.009088 $637,568
Crown CRW 0.018025 $218,594
Trollcoin TROLL 0.000084 $46,305
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How to Buy Expanse (EXP)

In this example we’ll go through the process of buying cryptocurrencies from an exchange. In this case we’ll be buying “Expanse” (EXP) on the Poloniex exchange. Besides Expanse, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies (also known as “alt coins”) including popular ones such as Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XRM), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).


In order to purchase cryptocurrency, you’ll need to start with cryptocurrency. The most universal is Bitcoin. In order to buy Bitcoin, you’ll need to create an account on either Coinbase or Circle. Most US based investors and traders use Coinbase.

Setting up an account on Coinbase does take time for validation and verification purposes, up to 7-10 days. It’s best to go ahead and initiate this so that when you’re ready, your account is setup. Setting up entails linking your bank account and (optional) a credit card to enable purchases and verifying your identity with a government issued document (drivers license, passport, etc.). You’ll be buying Bitcoin with USD.

It’s also a good idea to go ahead and setup your account at Poloniex. You’ll be able to raise your deposit/withdrawl limits by verifying information.

Once you have both your Coinbase and Poloneix accounts setup you can now send Bitcoin over from your Coinbase account. To do so, select Balances>Deposits & Withdrawls then scroll down to “BTC” in the left column and click “deposit”. If your wallet address is not showing, click to show. Copy this address and then go to your Coinbase account and click on the Send/Request link on the left. In the “Email or Bitcoin address” field, paste the address you copied from your Poloniex account. Next, select the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to send and click “Send Funds”.

Currently, sending Bitcoin takes around 30-45 minutes. You can check the transaction on Coinbase by navigating to your dashboard and viewing your “Recent Activity”.

Once the transaction has completed, your Bitcoin should now be in your Poloniex account. Since we’ll be buying EXP, you’ll want to find it in the Exchange. You can use the search in the top right and type “EXP”. Once visible, click to view the “Expanse Exchange”. Look under the chart for the “BUY EXP” area. You’ll see the amount of Bitcoin you have available. You can now buy EXP from the market or set your own limit order and hope it gets filled.

If you have any questions, let me know! Also, please join our cryptocurrency group on Linkedin to interact with others.

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