"Best in Blockchain Startups" Conference Scheduled for 2018

Expanse founders James Clayton and Christopher Franko along with partners are launching a conference specifically for Blockchain startups called the “Best in Blockchain Startups 2018” which will take place in Austin Texas in 2018. The conference will focus on technology brought forth by startups that may not receive recognition due to their size.

“We are in negotiations with some potential Blockchain partners for this, this will be Blockchain only, no Fintech. The first 10 official Blockchain Partners will have an equal say on how this conference will happen, like a roundtable, with these general guidelines to start out.” – James Clayton, Co-founder, Expanse

Clayton has gone on to say:


  • The Best in Blockchain Startups will happen in 2018.
  • Teams and projects must be active for at least one year.
  • Blockchain only, no Fintech.
  • The conference will happen in the USA. (This is where some of the original potential partners are located)
  • The original 10 (max) Blockchain projects will do the groundwork, planning, design, and be featured prominently and equally at the conference.
  • The Best in Blockchain Partners can list each other as Partners if they wish, if they are unwilling to do that, then they should not ask to be a part of this.
  • This will be entirely nonprofit, nobody will make any money directly from sponsors, speaking fees, anything like that. Although Sponsors can help pay for the venue.
  • Blockchain Companies and Blockchain Exchanges will be welcomed to attend.
  • Tickets will be low priced, we want as many people showing up as possible.
  • Tickets will be Blockchain-based, of course. Working tech only is the theme here.
  • This will be about grassroots communities and decentralized concepts and self-governance.
  • The key focus will be a fun exciting event, with live streams, massive media coverage, professional photographers. Working technology rather than promises.


A few exciting names have already been confirmed but not yet released and also The Crypto Show has been confirmed as a participant. For more information visit: Best in Blockchain Startups 2018