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Quantum Leap: EXP Value Poised to Surge

Disclaimer: I am invested heavily in various cryptocurrencies. After learning about this project just over a year ago and studying it intensely, I now sit on the advisory board for Expanse and am invested in the project. However, I believe you’ll find my reasoning detailed below to be sound and impartial.


Following the announcement that Expanse (EXP) and its token creation module TOKENLAB™tokens will be supported on Ledger Wallets, it makes a strong case to take a look at the implications. Ledger, one of the best hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, supports only a small number of coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Ripple, Stratis, Komodo and now Expanse.

Expanse supported on Ledger Nano wallet

Expanse supported on Ledger Nano wallet


At the time of this writing, the market cap* of each coin are as follows:

Bitcoin – $38.6B

Ethereum – $19.0B

Ethereum Classic – $1.7B

Dogecoin – $198.6MM

Litecoin – $2.3B

Zcash – $319.4MM

Dash – $1.2B

Ripple – $7.5B

Stratis – $344.5MM

Komodo – $95.7MM

Expanse – $10.8MM


The announcement is significant because it propels Expanse with:

branding by showing that it’s in a new league and separating itself from nearly 700 currencies that aren’t supported by a hardware wallet,

marketing by getting Expanse out in front of all of the current and future Ledger users, and

security by giving holders of EXP a safe, offline option to store their investment. This security will also carry over to tokens created through TOKENLAB™.

Expanse finds itself in the presence of some mighty fine company. But just what is Expanse? Announced back in 2015 on the Ethereum forum:

“Expanse is the second Ethereum fork, and we based it on Ethereum because we believe the technology is so innovative and with great potential, and because we want to experiment with different open source ideas using it. We very much believe in cooperation, open source projects, and value of the technology provided by the Ethereum platform.”

From one of the regularly published Expanse newsletters:

“Expanse is the first (surviving) fork of Ethereum launched in 2015 with a custom difficulty algorithm and code to help make the Expanse blockchain more resistant with almost no orphans. Expanse focuses on building custom, real-world use decentralized applications and is a community-based project with over 1750 slack members. The Expanse community manager, myself, is the founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club, the most popular alternative cryptocurrency group on Facebook with over 34,000 members. Additionally, we have a creative team with many connections in the world of cryptocurrency and business, giving Expanse a unique edge with marketing, networking, and building fundamental value and growth over time. Expanse also focuses on creating mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships, with talent, determination, and lots of hard work.

Expanse is the first project to launch simulated smart contract staking with EBS, the Expanse Bond System, so that community members can stake offline and earn rewards, the bonds are limited and will later be tradable. The Expanse Project has developed a new patent-pending, blockchain-based voting platform with the potential to change the dynamics of future elections. We are in the process of trademarking its new name, VoteLock™. Expanse has even created a decentralized governance system with, which others are planning to start ICOs for. We have working technology now. Expanse is currently attending Blockchain conferences, more to come, and is starting serious marketing and networking efforts. Expanse is also the founder of the Best in Blockchain Startups 2018 conference, combining efforts with other leading Blockchain startups and talented individuals.”

With applications (dapps) such as the Expanse Bond System (EBS) where investors can store their EXP and earn interest at 12% per year, Votelock identity management, EXP.LIFE, the EXP.DAO and Borderless, Expanse has quite a bit in the works which makes it a very attractive project. Earlier this year, 4 new full time developers were added to the development team. This follows the inducting of an advisory board last month.


The core team is comprised of Christopher Franko, Dan Conway and James Clayton. Franko and Conway are developers while Clayton manages the community. Clayton is a cryptocurrency veteran and founder of one of the largest groups, Cryptocurrency Collectors Club with over 34k members.

Expanse also has a charitable arm through Borderless Charity, Inc. where earlier this year, Christopher Franko delivered items to families in need through Operation Snowflake in the Washington DC area.


If you’d like to learn more about Expanse, join the slack channel at:

If you’d like to buy some EXP but unsure how, read this post:

If you’d like to buy Expanse Rewards, read this:

EXP is trading around $1.43 USD at the time of this writing.

*source – (7/14/17)

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Cryptocurrency Trader vs. Investor

The cryptocurrency market has exploded over the past few years. This growth has brought in many new traders looking to make a quick profit. The temptation of jumping onto an unknown or dormant coin can be very enticing to those who are new to the game.

Investors on the other hand research projects to identify the teams and technology they find either undervalued or underexposed. The chart below shows some of the most popular coins mentioned in the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club and their corresponding market caps from late 2015 and current. Many simply do not realize the rate of growth because of poor timing in either jumping in or out of a coin. Developing a sound investment strategy is key to realizing gains demonstrated below.


Expanse has come up with even more of an incentive to hold your investment. Aside from realizing an increase in value as the project grows, the EBS (Expanse Bond System) pays you 12% annually when you convert your EXP to EBS tokens. This is the first smart contract of its kind. For more information on Expanse, join the Slack group or read their white paper.

Happy investing.

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1 Week Later: The SEC Denial for Bitcoin ETF Reaction

After a price spike-up just before the SEC’s decision was announced from around $1250 to around $1350 and a subsequent drop to south of $1100, Bitcoin has recovered and remained somewhat stable. It is currently trading at $1229.

The alts however have been surging. Ethereum (ETH) is up 136% to $40.57, Dash (DASH) is up 76% to $86.33 and Monero (XMR) is up 67% $21.16.

Keep an eye on Expanse (EXP). It’s up 38% to $0.33. After adding 4 new developers to the team to assist with development, beginning with helping to complet the DAO, a sharp rise is expected over the coming months.

Also note that the Bitcoin dominance is down to 75.6.

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Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies of 2017

We asked the 9,000+ member Cryptocurrency Collectors Club which cryptocurrencies were the most undervalued. Below are the results. To read the full discussion join the private group on Facebook.

We’ll update the price and marketcap each month to track the results so join the mailing list to stay informed.

Ripple XRP 0.007714 $284,297,507
Litecoin LTC 4.02 $199,593,426
Monero XRM 12.65 $175,927,622
Dash DASH 17.04 $120,753,686
Iconomi ICN 0.485193 $42,211,791
Steem STEEM 0.156249 $36,303,991
Doge DOGE 0.00021 $22,646,315
Game GAME 0.273376 $16,548,174
Bitshares BTS 0.004036 $10,419,503
Sia Coin SC 0.00041 $9,452,904
Stratis STRAT 0.09475 $9,310,272
NXT NXT 0.008801 $8,791,849
I/O Coin IOC 0.375018 $6,117,042
Nexus NXS 0.115955 $5,414,717
Bitbay BAY 0.001883 $1,896,889
Expanse EXP 0.32 $1,684,806
Burst BURST 0.000831 $1,412,423
OKCash OK 0.009088 $637,568
Crown CRW 0.018025 $218,594
Trollcoin TROLL 0.000084 $46,305
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How to Buy Expanse (EXP)

In this example we’ll go through the process of buying cryptocurrencies from an exchange. In this case we’ll be buying “Expanse” (EXP) on the Poloniex exchange. Besides Expanse, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies (also known as “alt coins”) including popular ones such as Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XRM), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).


In order to purchase cryptocurrency, you’ll need to start with cryptocurrency. The most universal is Bitcoin. In order to buy Bitcoin, you’ll need to create an account on either Coinbase or Circle. Most US based investors and traders use Coinbase.

Setting up an account on Coinbase does take time for validation and verification purposes, up to 7-10 days. It’s best to go ahead and initiate this so that when you’re ready, your account is setup. Setting up entails linking your bank account and (optional) a credit card to enable purchases and verifying your identity with a government issued document (drivers license, passport, etc.). You’ll be buying Bitcoin with USD.

It’s also a good idea to go ahead and setup your account at Poloniex. You’ll be able to raise your deposit/withdrawl limits by verifying information.

Once you have both your Coinbase and Poloneix accounts setup you can now send Bitcoin over from your Coinbase account. To do so, select Balances>Deposits & Withdrawls then scroll down to “BTC” in the left column and click “deposit”. If your wallet address is not showing, click to show. Copy this address and then go to your Coinbase account and click on the Send/Request link on the left. In the “Email or Bitcoin address” field, paste the address you copied from your Poloniex account. Next, select the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to send and click “Send Funds”.

Currently, sending Bitcoin takes around 30-45 minutes. You can check the transaction on Coinbase by navigating to your dashboard and viewing your “Recent Activity”.

Once the transaction has completed, your Bitcoin should now be in your Poloniex account. Since we’ll be buying EXP, you’ll want to find it in the Exchange. You can use the search in the top right and type “EXP”. Once visible, click to view the “Expanse Exchange”. Look under the chart for the “BUY EXP” area. You’ll see the amount of Bitcoin you have available. You can now buy EXP from the market or set your own limit order and hope it gets filled.

If you have any questions, let me know! Also, please join our cryptocurrency group on Linkedin to interact with others.

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Ethereum and Ethereum Classic both being traded on Poloniex

Alt coin exchange Poloniex has added Ethereum Classic (ETC) to it’s trading platform. ETC is currently trading at .00127100 with nearly 17,000 btc in volume as of around 10am on Sunday, July 24. Ethereum (ETH) is down almost 10% and is trading at .01983047 with over 40,000 btc in trade volume.

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Bitcoin drops dominance to under 80%

Today is the first time I’ve seen Bitcoin drop to under 80% dominance on the board. With Ethereum up over 15%, the BTC dominance has slipped to 79.4%. Speculators argue both the higher fees to mine btc and the successful hard fork of ETH are contributing factors. The current price of btc is $660, while eth is trading at $14.23.

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Ethereum Pre-hardfork Price Speculation

The price is at (.01762992 at the time of this writing), what will happen?

I project 500% increase in 2 years or less.

$11.83 now will be worth about $71

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