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Cryptocurrency Market Cap Passes $121B

The cryptocurrency market is sitting at $121.2 billion with a 24 hour volume of $4.375 billion and a BTC dominance of 46.7%.

Bitcoin is trading at $3430, Ethereum at $281.71 and Litecoin at $46.24. After months of trading in a relatively tight range, Bitcoin continues to trade at all time highs.

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Bitcoin Dominance Diminishing

The Bitcoin Dominance has dropped to a new low since my involvement in cryptocurrencies. Today it has reached 69.1%.

Ethereum (ETH) is up 18%, Dash up 5%, Ripple is up 34% and Monero is up 5%.

Speculators suggest that with the ongoing dispute regarding the Bitcoin blocksize, the price of Bitcoin will continue to slide.

Other notable mentions include: Expanse (EXP) at $0.40, PIVX at $0.62 and Nexus (NXS) at $0.25.

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