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How to get rewards with Expanse Rewards


  • There is a known issue for Mac users preventing them from creating accounts, the dev team is creating a patch to remedy this issue.
  • Throughout the process, it may be necessary to close the dApp and reopen in order to get the balances to display.
  • Versions 1.0.1, 1.1.0, and 1.1.1 released.


On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Expanse released the second iteration of its Expanse Rewards dApp (1.0.0 EBS Version 1.0). This much improved version is smooth and simple to use. Use this guide to convert your EXP into EXR tokens. If you need to purchase EXP, start first with this guide:

After purchasing EXP, you’ll need to send the amount you’d like to lock away (plus an extra EXP for “gas”) to the Expanse Rewards dApp, so for example, if you’d like to send 200 EXP to buy 1 reward with a multiplier of 2, send 201 EXP to cover the reward and the gas .


To get started, download and install the EXR Rewards dApp from this link:

Once installed, click “Manage Accounts” on the left column.

(Note: You may need to let the dApp sync which could take several minutes, the red box error is often due to the node not being completely synced)

If you don’t have an existing account, either previously created in the Expanse Wallet or in the previous version of Expanse Rewards, you will need to click “Create an Account” to get a wallet address in order to send your EXP to.

After an account has either been created or found, Click “Deposit to EXR”

Enter the amount you would like to lock away in rewards and click “Deposit to EXR”

After reviewing your deposit, if accurate, confirm your deposit by clicking “Yes”

Next, enter your account (wallet) password

Look for status messages indicating your deposit has been submitted

You’ll see an “Account History” area appear beneath “Accounts” on the “Manage Accounts” tab with the status of your deposit.

Once it processes, the “pending” status will disappear.

You’ll also notice a message showing the deposit has completed

Now you can create a new bond by clicking “Create Reward”

Enter your multiplier to reflect how much EXP you’ll be locking up (example: change multiplier to 50 in order to purchase 5,000 EXP worth of rewards) then click “Create Reward”

Voilà! You’ve just purchased rewards using Expanse Rewards.

Note: this guide will be updated as the Expanse Rewards dApp receives updates. If you have any suggestions to improve it and help others, please email: timothy /at/


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